Online Advertising

Performance driven.
Optimized results.

Your practice must be found as high on page one for as many relevant terms that your practice provides as possible. If you’re not on “Page 1” of a search engines results, you’re not relevant, and 60% of all searchers don’t even look past the first 3 results of the entire search. These ‘organic’ results are those that Google deems most relevant based on a pages content. However, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is paying to be at the top of the search results if your organic results are lacking.

Tivilon Health has spent years developing a proven approach to identify patient acquiring keywords and phrases in order to attract local prospective patients and make the paid placement of our medical practice clients highly effective where their organic results are still being improved by Tivilon Health’s search engine optimization service.

We follow a specific approach that deals with:

  • PPC keyword research based on a thorough analysis of your practice, specialties, and ideal patient ‘persona’.
  • Detailed online strategies that accomplish your goals through pay per click (PPC) advertising.
  • Ad generation tested to yield significant ROI on those terms we’ve targeted.
  • Landing Pages - properly formatted site pages prepared to reinforce the ad copy and housing on which the content the prospective patient was interested.
  • Campaign Management & Monthly Reporting which includes:
    • Detailed reporting that identifies how many clicks you’ve received and how much each click cost.
    • Calculation of best bid for all keywords for maximizing ROI.
    • Daily monitoring and analysis for all campaigns.
    • Comprehensive monthly ROI reporting for all campaigns.

Each month, we provide detailed reports to ensure you know what keywords are driving traffic to your site, how much you are spending, and how many leads have converted from your search marketing efforts.