Location Profiles

Accurate listings.
Local impact.

Location, location, location – is what’s it’s all about –in more than one industry and even for your local medical practice.

Employing GeoMarketing for your practice effectively is a specialty of Tivilon Health – especially in our campaign to ensure that your online listings are accurate.

Location data, properly leveraged, enables your practice to create detailed and campaigns that deal strictly with your local patient population.

What kinds of patients does GeoMarketing reach?

Local patients. The use of GeoMarketing to identify the patients within an hour’s drive for particular message of additional availability is possible as well as campaigns for a practice looking to expand their service area.

Internet patients. Knowing the location of your website visitors enables us to customize your sites pages with specials (if for example you’re trying to grow a satellite office) or perhaps ads that feature contextual calls to action to make sure that that same satellite office targets their local residents in a targeted campaign.

Social Media patients. Since many social media platforms allow users to “check in” to various locations, your practice can run ads that appeal to a prospective pateient when they’re in the area to take advantage of a special deal or offering. 

Through Tivilon Health’s GeoMarketing service, your practice may:

  • Find the next best location for a new practice office – where your customers are coming from should be a logical place.
  • Identify prime locations for advertising offline – think flyers or mailers.
  • Display website content specific to a user’s local office – point them to your nearest location.
  • Provide online advertising tailored to a user’s location – contextual ads can take advantage of local trends.